Istanbul Medipol University
International School of Medicine

Dean's Message

The goal is to provide an exceptional training at the international medical school to fulfill the expectations of the talented students. The program allows the graduate competitively pursue his/her career inside or outside Turkey. Our school is particularly selected by the students with highest score at the OYS/LYS exam.  Furthermore we have talented students from abroad which creates a diverse   population and rich cultural environment.
Education is English and has been given in small classrooms, in a comfortable environment. Most of our staff members have international experience, and the student can participate discussions actively.
The students take English proficiency test upon admission to the school. The students, who need language improvement, take an intensive course at the university followed by an advanced course in the US. We have an agreement Joslin Diabetes Center at the Harvard Medical for orientation to medical education.
A very special feature of the UTF training program is that it gives the student do basic or clinical research. There are 2 options for this purpose.
1-During  the first year, student spends tıme at the lab to explore basic research  or clinical sciences. During the 2nd and 3rd year students continue their projects. Thus, they are able to present their works in national and international congresses and have a chance to publish in scientific journals
2-The other option is to be able to pursue a career for PhD alongside medical school. It is called MD/PhD program.  It is offered to eligible students after the completion of 3rd year at the medical school. It is consisted of PhD courses which are taken during the 4th and 5th year who fulfills the requirements to be able to graduate with an integrated doctorate. Thus, in the years to come, as a researcher beside patient care, it is possible to continue to career, to be able to contribute medicine. Total period of an MD/PhD program is expected to last 8 years.


Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir ÖMER