Istanbul Medipol University
International School of Medicine

Why you should choose IMS

International Medical School at the Medipol University is a unique institution in Turkey offering official program for research in the curriculum for medicine students. The program allows student to conduct research, to present the data at the scientific meetings and to publish in scientific journals. Eligible candidates can pursue MD/PhD career as well.    
The goal of the program
Together with a modern medical school education compatible with European standards, our main goal is to train the students to develop new ideas to look for solutions for health problems in Turkey as well as abroad. We encourage our students to be sensitive to health problems, to review the medical literature. 
The education is 6 years. The education at the International Medical School is compatible with Basics of European Medical Education (Bologna Process). The program is based on European Credit Transfer System 
Our curriculum is compatible with Turkish national core curriculum content. The education is given in the format of committees during the first 3 years. Clinical education is given by the clinical departments in the hospıtal

First 2 years of the medical education is given at the Kavacık campus. Following years, students go to university hospital at Bagcılar for clinical education.

Advanced language courses 
The education is English. All the students are subjected to take a proficiency exam in English language after they have completed the admission. Previously taken scores (Toefl, PTE, ETC) can also be used to be exempted from language year requirement   Successful students start the first year of the medical school immediately. Otherwise, they have to attend preparation year which is an education on English language. We provide 2 step intensive English course. The first part consists of a 4 month study given by our in-house English language school. A level exam is offered at the end of this course. The successful students are trained in the US for additional 4 months course of study. A student is expected to pass Toeffl or to complete a Toeffl equivalent level of the language course they are attended in order to pass the prep year language level.