Istanbul Medipol University
International School of Medicine


A six-year education and medical training at IMU is student-centered and in tune with the European Bologna Declaration to ensure quality assurance in the higher education. The core curriculum integrates basic sciences in the first two year with the clinical courses in the following years, wherein in-depth study and independent research are required. Students closely work with research faculty in the first three years to complete required independent research and are encouraged to present their findings at national or international conferences. Clinical experience and training entails both theoretical and laboratory courses and hospital internships to expose students to early patient care and practice of medicine. Students are also encouraged to do summer volunteer work at state and private hospitals starting the first year. 
The IMU MD curriculum aims for horizontal and vertical integration of the coursework within and between basic sciences and clinical sciences. This model attempts to seamlessly integrate most pertinent topics from various basic and clinical courses under the collective umbrella, prepared and delivered by multiple faculties. The following courses are at the core of the curriculum in the first three years; Biology, Genetics, Histology, Introduction to Medicine, Organic- and BioChemistry Biophysics, Pathophysiology, Basic and Clinical Microbiology, Immunology.

Internship and summer work
IMU can help students to find volunteer summer work at local hospitals and private clinics as early as the first year. Sixth-year students must compete practical clinical trainings (internships) in various branches of medicine. These students can optionally complete their required clinical internships at selected state hospitals under contractual agreement with IMU besides the IMU training hospital at the Bagcilar campus.

Mentorship and Orientation
New students are required to attend orientations to help students acclimate to the campus environment and social life on campus; students are also informed of the medical education, exam and grading system at IMU.Every student in the ISM is assigned to an full time faculty to guide and advise the student in social and academic aspects of their education and trainings.